Estate Planning
We have the resources to assist clients in performing with both informal business valuations and, when circumstances dictate the need, to provide them with more formal independent expressions of value.
Value determinations are most commonly needed in corporate reorganizations and in negotiating the value in purchase, sale or merger of a business enterprise. In addition business valuations are often beneficial or necessary in the following situations:
  • Arranging finance
  • Obtaining Finance
  • Review of the adequacy of Life Insurance
  • Preparation and/or execution of buy/sell agreements
  • Dissenting shareholders and partner disputes
  • Matrimonial breakdown
  • Benchmarking of your company’s success
Business valuations are often required because ownership interests in privately held companies often represent a significant portion of one’s estate and or portfolio. The value, or worth of an interest in a privately held company, as opposed to shares in a public company, is usually is unknown because there is no active market to sell or trade that interest from which to ascertain or approximate value.